About Us

The “Initiative For National Growth Africa ” is a registered  non-profit organization (CAC/IT/NO 144407) that develops and implements capacity based training and strategies for the caregivers and health providers of children and young adults living with disabilities as well as persons living with intellectual and physical challenges within Nigeria.

In our community, mental and physical challenges are prevalent from infancy to adulthood which exposes people living with mental and physical challenges to deprivation of equal opportunities for an economic empowerment. That is why we passionately address the problems associated with unequal opportunities of persons living with mental and physical challenges for sustainable health approaches and economic empowerment as well as training their caregivers so that they become well educated,gain access to decent work  and promote inclusive opportunities. 


Together, we work with the medical, psychological, Public Health Professionals, skill and Talent developers to provide regular training on speech therapy, emotional therapy, emotional intelligence, malaria/HIV and Blood Pressure Diagnosis, Art of Smart learning communication, Music Therapy, Occupational therapy,Hygiene management and Skills and Talent Utilization in order to develop their self esteem and total well being so they can become highly relevant , engaging and empowered to invest in themselves and their future.

We have the capacity to feel what the special needs community  are feeling— As Empaths, We absorb emotions and energy from others subconsciously to understand and provide solutions to their needs.

Greater Good Of One Self:
We do not wait for others to tell you what the “right” thing to do is. WE do wait for governments or organizations to mandate sustainable or compassionate or social justice measures towards PWDs.  We set our goals above the greater good of oneself

Accepting help doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it can make you stronger, Not only will you benefit, it will also make them feel better!

Tell our Success Stories of how we can be empowered to do more in our career development and despite our limited functionalities with the power of our voice.

No matter their limited functionalities, they deserve to be loved,  respected and granted their fundamental human rights.

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